Sunrise Ag as an entity came into existence in March 2002 after Case IH appointed them as the Dealer for Swan Hill and Ouyen to join with their Case IH franchise at Mildura.

The trading name at Mildura ‘Sunraysia Motors’ was no longer suitable as they were now operating outside of the Sunraysia Region and no longer a cars dealer. So Sunrise Ag was born.

Sunrise Ag (Sunraysia Motors) was amongst the first dealers in Australia to be Accredited through Case IH in both parts and service.

With the diversity of the Agricultural products grown in North west Victoria and surrounding areas, Sunrise Ag and Case IH have combined to service the man on the land. Crops as diverse as rice, grapes, wheat, oranges, canola have all been planted, reaped or sprayed using Case IH equipment sold and serviced by Sunrise Ag.

Sunrise Ag has always had the policy of keeping its staff up to date with the latest technological equipment and always enrolling the staff into training schools. In a typical year staff attend a mixture of local and interstate training to make sure they can help the man on the land with his equipment.

With the equipment Sunrise Ag sell and service often being large, all three of Sunrise Ag’s locations are on Heavy-duty routes and readily accessible by trucks. Sunrise Ag has over 80 employees all keen to help the man on the land to the best of their ability. After hours service is offered to their customers.


Sunrise Ag offers Case Credit to approved clients. Case IH finance is low on fees and high on flexibility. Free on the spot quotes for new and used machinery are offered with no obligation.

Sunrise Ag have a team of qualified finance personnel, all trained to help you with your farm machinery finance needs. Contact the sales team today!

Spare Parts Division

Sunrise Ag prides itself in having trained competent staff in their spare parts division. The spare parts team have under gone numerous training programmes over the past few years. The spare parts team is one of the most experienced and respected in the dealer network, having most of the staff being in the job for over 20 years. Case IH has recognised this and selected Sunrise Ag as one of its premium dealers to provide detailed feedback to their warehouse through seminars and workshops in Sydney.

Sunrise Ag spare parts division use a centralized computer system, which enables the staff to see what spare parts each branch has in stock. This enables us to provide a bigger range of parts to our customers. At both Swan Hill and Mildura, the spare parts storage areas have been recently significantly increased to cope with the rise in business over the past few years.

Sunrise Ag does its best to provide great service to the man on the land.

Service Division

Our service departments are headed by experienced workshop managers and staffed with qualified and competent mechanics. They have access to all the latest tools of the trade, and whether you’re after a simple service or a full rebuild, they will be able to complete any job quickly and efficiently. Mobile service vehicles also allow us to perform services and emergency repairs on the remotest properties.

GPS & Precision Farming

With today’s farming involving higher costs an increasing number of farmers are turning to GPS ( Global Positioning Systems) as a means to reduce these rising farming costs. GPS involves using Satellites to accurately position their implement to make sure the spray/fertiliser/tine is in the exact position to do the job it is meant to do.
Sunrise Ag has recognised the need to have specialist trained staff to be able to service their customers professionally in this new area.

Steven Munro is part of the Sunrise Ag team as our specialised auto steer & precision farming specialist.

Steven has successfully completed numerous auto steer training courses and is proficient in Trimble, Topcon and GPS-Ag systems. Steven’s original training was as an IT technician, then as an auto electrician and PLC Programmer, so complicated electrical systems are second nature to him.

Contact Steven by email or phone the Mildura branch on (03) 5023 0284

The Sunrise Ag team is now joined by Danny Main at the Swan Hill branch. Danny will be taking up the challenge up the Precision Farming world.

Contact Danny by email or phone the Swan Hill branch on (03) 5032 0099